Pearseus: Rise Of The Prince Book Review


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The handful of humans that crash-landed on Pearseus three hundred years ago have by now colonized a large part of the planet, rebuilding their civilization from scratch. In the process, they have created a dystopia for themselves, splitting into three competing factions: the Capital, the Loyalists and the Democracies, all embroiled in endless intrigue and constant warfare.

An uneasy truce between the three parties still holds – barely. While man turns against man, the First, Pearseus’ indigenous people, wage their own war against a shadowy enemy; an ancient conflict that threatens to engulf and destroy all of humanity.

Following an unspeakable crime, the men and women of Pearseus struggle to live and love as their world crumbles all around them. But can love be found in the ruins of humanity’s civilization?

Science fiction isn’t usually my cup of tea, but I was intrigued by the description of Nicholas C. Rossis’s first in the Pearseus Trilogy.  With Game of Throne’s new season about to start I thought it would be the perfect time to share my thoughts on this book.

Why do I mention Game of Thrones? Well, because the characters in this book are just as amazing to follow. Each individual has their own voice and is set apart by their own journey, but just like Game of Thrones they all intertwine with one another at some point. I always find that fascinating when an author can perform that task with ease. The story itself can be a bit dark as these different groups battle against the other and even themselves to try and create the society they believe is best. The way they go about doing this can be shocking and certainly keep the reader in suspense on what they’ll attempt next.

I was impressed by Rossis’s knowledge on war strategy, politics, and even his understanding of various forms of relationships between people of different religions, atmosphere, and class. The world in which his characters surround themselves is believable and fun to explore along side its population.

The characters are certainly the best part of this book! The women were feisty, fierce, and most importantly not dull at any point. I appreciated the author making sure that his female characters though not all warriors or even on the good side, had some kind of strength mentally or physically. The men also varied in characteristics. You have a range of almost neanderthal, to war hero, to meek servant with a hidden strength. It was the fact that these characters had that unique voice that I never got confused who was who and kept my fingers turning the pages.

Another thing that shows strength in Rossis’s writing is that the characters are flawed in some way as well. I love this because it means there will be growth for the character or it could be their downfall. I enjoy books where I’m not sure how a character will end up because I’m not certain whether they’ll try to change, refuse to change, or even admit they are flawed. Rossis made his characters believable and relatable to individuals today.

I have to say…for not being a fan of science fiction I really did enjoy this book. I’m a little late to the game as he’s continued the series and has written more well reviewed stories. Now that I’m hooked, I look forward to catching up.


I highly recommend this book to those who are Game of Throne fans, science fiction fans, or even curious bloggers like me.

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A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes – My Cinderella Epiphany

CinderellaSlipperA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes is one of my favorite Disney songs and Cinderella is certainly a classic in my book. I admit though, the tale itself was never my favorite. A girl is bullied and mistreated by her step family and then she falls in love with a man in one day. Sure it worked out for her with the guy being a prince and all, but still…she moved awfully fast. As a young woman I scoff and say, “I won’t wait for prince charming to come along or fall in love in one day. It’s not realistic.” However, with this latest version of the fairy tale produced by Disney…I see what Cinderella truly represents. It’s not just magic, a fancy prince finding her with a shoe, or dumb luck. It’s so much more…


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Laura Goodings Is Having An Etsy Sale! Your Favorite Characters Are Waiting!!

Hello dreamers and believers! I am so excited to share this with you.

Laura Goodings, the artist who helped me create Dandy is having an Etsy sale where everything is 30% off till March 16th!

Transparent Excited Dandy Laura Goodings

This Aussie girl never ceases to amaze me with her artistic talents. Right now she has buttons, stickers, and prints with your favorite animated characters: Nintendo princesses, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, DC comic characters, pretty girly girls, and even adorable paper toy cats and bunnies. Check them out in the following post and there are so many more on her Etsy site: CLICK to have your mind blown!
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Little Girl + A Wave = An Explosion of Cuteness

Here’s something you should know about me…I have never met a stranger. When I was a kid I would enter a restaurant and go to tables announcing that, “My name is Kelly Earls!” To the horror of my mother of course, lol. I loved making new friends. The video you are about to see is just…well I’ll let you see for yourself.

Who wouldn’t wave and smile at this little cutie? It just made my morning and I hope it made yours!

Update about my life: I actually have spoken to an author about reviewing his book, so I will hopefully have that review for you soon. It looks good and when I post the review I will be including links to his site as well. Take care dreamers! *waves* BYE!

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