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10700466_10153424030005663_108819508236294315_oI’m a Sherlock fan, but Dandy is dressed this way because she’s looking for more creative and inspiring people!

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Photo courtesy of: http://www.thegloss.com/2011/01/14/beauty/the-beauty-benefits-of-being-sick/

10 Things To Do When You’re Sick

Hey dreamers!

According to my Facebook newsfeed most everyone I know has the status “So over this sick thing…” or simply “So sick :( .”  I’m afraid I too have caught this annoying virus and have been battling the cold dragon for over a week now. However, while I am trying to kill the beast ( I apparently get even more geeky when sick); I might as well get a few things done.
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Check Out My Sister Blog “Becoming Hepburn”

tumblr_mznclcm2QB1scy6pho1_500Hey dreamers!

If you love Audrey Hepburn, classic films, or just classic fashion; check out another blog I’m working on called Becoming Hepburn. Just a little project I’m doing for fun to better myself. I’ve always been an old fashioned soul and love the idea of bringing the classic to the modern. So if you enjoy being classy as well, hop over and follow me on the journey!


My Time In The Renaissance



Some friends came to see the show. Love my gal pals!


Hey everyone!

So I promised I’d give you guys a look into my time working at The Texas Renaissance Festival. It was a lot of fun and the lady I was working for was very talented with glass blowing. Beautiful pieces! I was working as her narrator and had to come up with a pre-show before her demonstration. So I told some jokes and sang a little tavern song I wrote for fun. The energy from the audience was intoxicating and they were so much fun to interact with! It started out as just a way to check off “live in another time” from my bucket list. However, it was a reminder of how much I love performing for a live audience. Enjoy the video and more to come on other projects I’m working on, plus other great and creative people!

Willy Wonka of The Woodlands

*Warning: If your New Years resolution was to eat less sweets…good luck after reading this…and sorry!

Some of you I’m sure are familiar with this clip from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. I always loved that song and the thought of a candy man making a kids day by singing about candy and giving them treats…in a non-creepy way…was just amazing to me. So I was thrilled when I decided to check out a store next to where my writers group meets and found what can only be described as heaven.

IMG_2187 But wait, there’s more!


Did We Just Find The Next Disney Princess?


As you’ve probably heard, an upcoming Disney film is Moana the first Polynesian princess! The concept art is beautiful and it looks like Disney is trying to find the voice for their new heroine. What girl doesn’t dream of being a Disney princess? I came across the video for a possible candidate and I have to say; Hoku Pavao from Hawaii seems like a perfect fit!  She has the look for PR appearances to represent Disney, she has a good connection to the character, she has a lovely singing and character voice, and could be a good role model for girls. Check out her audition video below and if you like what you see and hear then SHARE and help a dream come true. Time to get this princess to her rightful place at Disney!! [UPDATE] If you think Hoku would be perfect for Moana be sure to share and put #HokuisMoana to help her dream come true!