LumaVista Productions Will Make You A Movie Star On Your Wedding Day


As a growing wedding planner I get the fun job of meeting with some pretty amazing vendors. The relationship between a planner and a vendor is very important. The client depends on both of us to make their wedding day, one that they’ll never forget. Recently I attended a bridal open house at the venue where the June wedding will be. Several vendors gave examples of their work and one in particular caught my eye. Check this out…

The video is from the YouTube channel of LumaVista Productions. I spoke with one of the owners and we have a little surprise for any future clients of mine. If you have me as your planner and you decide to use LumaVista to help preserve that magical day for you, then you will receive a discount off of one of their many packages!

Now you’ll have to contact me or LumaVista to find out what that discount is, but I can promise you, it is VERY generous…

Send me an e-mail ( and we’ll discuss what is offered or visit LumaVista on their territory by following the links at the bottom of this post. I highly recommend checking out their site for more great videos and glimpses into their work and can’t wait to see you shine on camera!

LumaVista Website

LumaVista YouTube

More wedding details and a closer look at more vendors soon! Till then KEEP DREAMING!

Enjoying Being A Girl With Jamberry

  • I have not been paid to promote this product. I just happen to like it and believe in helping smaller businesses ;)


Sometimes a girl just needs to spoil herself a little. What’s better than a nice manicure to look stylish and professional? Thanks to Christa from Jamberry, I am feeling like a million bucks!


Christa, who is pretty fabulous herself, sent me a sample kit to try out the Jamberry sensation everyone keeps talking about. The sample kit includes three strips of different nail designs and the instructions on how to apply them. Here is her site if you want to see what Christa offers and also get to know her a little better.

Click For Christa’s Site

In my kit, I had the choice of zebra, leopard, or a cute prep school design. I chose the prep plaid look as I love pink and soft tones. The process was pretty easy and the wrap is really light on my nail and morphs perfectly! I took a pic showing my nail before and my pointer finger with the new design.


Loving it! I checked out Christa’s site to look at the other designs and there are so many different styles. Best of all are the facts below. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when my nails chip. I pay all that money for a manicure and after one day of work it’s ruined. That’s not a problem with these!


I told Christa that I love the product and that I wanted to share her site with all of you. She was thrilled and also wanted me to let you know that the new fall catalog releases September 1st with a new gel kit, Jamberry TruShine and new deals for parties! Just like me, you can receive a sample kit FREE to try it out for yourself.


Christa, does supply samples, and you will get a free pedicure for Buy 3 Get 1 Free orders. You can also get a free Manicure for booking an online party. Who doesn’t schedule spa days with their friends once in a while?


Come on girls! Call up the besties, schedule a party, get some sweet treats, mamosas and just have some girl time that ends with laughs and pretty spectacular nails! Also smile at the fact that you’ll be helping a young woman/awesome mom in business. Have fun and be sure to send me pics of your new style!

Who Wants To Plan A Wedding?

  • This is a work of creative nonfiction. The events are portrayed to the best of my memory. While all the stories in this blog post are true, some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of the people involved.

Transparent Wedding Dandy

I do! I do!

A couple of months ago I went over to a neighbor’s house to visit. The neighbor’s daughter was visiting and asked me what I was planning for my life. I told her that eventually I wanted to go into event planning, but mostly wedding planning. I had worked with a couple of event planners and enjoyed the creativity behind it, as well as the magic of making a bride’s vision and dream come true with a memory that would last a lifetime!

My neighbor’s daughter smiled and then completely shocked me.

“My daughter just got engaged. Would you be her wedding planner?”

I was speechless for at least five minutes, which if you know me, is a personal record.

“Well, I’ve never planned a wedding on my own…I’ve only helped to coordinate the day of. I could speak with my boss and see if she could hel…”

“No, I’d like you to do it. I understand you’re new at it, but I believe you would do a good job.”

“Tha…thank you. I would love to!” I stopped myself, “Of course, only if your daughter feels comfortable with me. It is her day after all.”

The mother agreed and a few weeks later I met with the BTB (Bride to Be) and GTB (Groom to Be) and asked them what they envisioned for their wedding. They were very friendly, laid back and explained how they wanted a rustic wedding. Nothing too fancy.

I offered some suggestions for decor and showed the couple a binder with a step by step timeline by month. We checked off a few things already decided and I gave her the binder to keep for her own ideas and notes. I had my own. We then spoke a bit more just getting to know each other and I finally asked her…

“So, do you think you’d like me as your wedding planner?”

“Yes! I would like that.”

I couldn’t believe it! I had my first wedding client and immediately I started my research on her venue of choice and set up an appointment to meet with the manager there to look over the space.

…I’ll stop here for now. I plan to share fun details of her wedding with you as we go and can’t wait for you to see the final product! I’ve been so blessed to be given this chance and I’m doing my best to make sure it’s worth it to my clients. Hope you guys like following along and more to come!


DREAM REPORT: Dream Came True For Mike Fiers

Dodgers Astros Baseball

Well sports fans, here’s a special shared dream for you. Check this out!

Congrats to Mike Fiers for no-hits against the Dodgers in Houston to record the 11th no-hitter in Astros franchise history! I’m especially proud as this is my city’s team and it’s nice to see dreams come true so close to home. When he threw his glove up in the air after that last pitch…I saw a little boy in little league who dreamed of just that moment. The boy to the man and the dream to the reality.

Congrats again Mike Fiers! To my other Athlete dreamers, keep it up and I know your dream will come true soon too! We believe in you!

The Best Running App and Workout Plan Ever


Note: No one is paying me to advertise these apps…though they totally should ;)

So as a girl with PCOS, it’s important for me to find a workout that is both fun and effective. I will never be able to not workout due to the PCOS, so I might as well make the best of it. Still, I have never been much of an athlete or into exercise…I don’t like getting hot or sweating. So, what could I do?

Well getting up at 5 am to go running (or in my case fast walking) while it’s still cool works. I like being awake when everyone else is still asleep so I don’t have to worry about curious or judgmental eyes. (Note: Girls, if running alone, bring pepper spray and a whistle) I tried just running to music, but it didn’t make anything exciting. Then I came across an app on iTunes that caught my interest.

When you’re a person with a huge imagination like me; you can easily feel like you’re starring in your own Zombie film…and dreamers, it rocks! It’s so much fun and I’m not even a big zombie/horror person. Still I feel like it’s actually happening with it still being dark that early in the morning and Zombie noises growing louder. I have a bad knee from a dance accident years ago, so I can only power walk for now ( I’ll work up to a jog, when the knee is stronger), but I do this for an hour, not including warm-up!

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

In my sweaty glory as the sun comes up.

Then I head to the pool to also walk and actually jog for one hour using another app…


Running and jogging in the water is supposed to be more difficult, but it’s easier on my joints (so jogging is safe here). I make sure to stretch again and then using the C25K app, I do another hour workout while cooling down in the water. So nice! This one, I just played classical music in the background to relax.

Swimming is definitely my preferred exercise, but I need both to build up my strength and flexibility.

Swimming Workout

Did I mention both apps are free? Hope this motivates a few people and just have fun with it! Oh, and also be sure to drink water before and after each workout to stay hydrated and keep away nasty cramps! Till next time, KEEP DREAMING AND RUNNING FROM ZOMBIES!!

Dreamy Life Update

Transparent Excited Dandy

Life is good fellow dreamers! I recently got a full-time job as an office administrator during the week, a weekend job as a photographer for a studio, and I have been chosen to plan two weddings for next year! My schedule is getting a bit tight, but life is pretty balanced right now. I have the stable job to pay bills with good hours, so I still have time for my creative projects on the side; as well as my other two jobs that are already in the creative department.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there though! In the fall I will be taking a wedding planner certification course, which will be great for my resume as well as a good rep for whoever I work for in the event department. I love making special days for people and I can’t wait to do more! Later I’ll share the themes of the two weddings I’m planning, so you can see the creative process as we go through the year.

I’ve also found a workout plan that suits me and feels great! I’ve been using this seriously fun app for those who still hold an imagination and like to run or at least walk fast (like me) and and another workout that cools you off at the same time. More on that later!

I hope your year is going well and either you’re making your dreams come true or you’re just rockin’ it on your journey!

Keep dreaming and keep checking back for more!

Last Item On Her Bucket List…Save a Life


* Kissing in the rain

* Fly to Spain

These were the first two items on Rebecca Townsend’s bucket list. The final item…

*Save a life

On July 2nd, Townsend completed the final item by pushing her friend out of the way of an oncoming car. Her friend lived, but Rebecca died from the impact.

Sometimes a dream comes with a price, but to sacrifice your own life to save another…is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Rebecca completed all the items on her list before she died. Now, to help her memory live on, her family and friends have started a Facebook page where you can share acts of kindness performed!


Keep Rebecca in your hearts as an inspiration to do good with the time we have left in this world. You can volunteer with a charity, help someone you love, or keep sharing your dreams with others to inspire and motivate their own dreams. Just do good.